Converting your vinyl records and cassettes to digital

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What to do with your old vinyl records and cassettes? I know they are tucked away in closets, basements and garages, but there’s still reason to bring them out and enjoy them, what with the resurgence of vinyl records, even digitize them.

Doing your own analog to digital conversion,  especially older hard-to-find ones can be rewarding. It’s not rocket science and there are a few simple ways to do so. Once converted they can be synched to iTunes in your private collection or Windows Media Player. Here are some examples of analog to digital converters I have run into and how they work.

Pyle Vintage Turntable left, and Ion Vinyl Duo Deck LP Tape Converter Pyle Vintage Turntable left, and Ion Vinyl Duo Deck LP Tape Converter

-The Ion Duo Deck available at London Drugs in this week’s flyer for $49.99 is small, light and can play 33 RPM and 45 RPM records. It runs on four AA batteries and comes with…

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Ohio in Bottom 10 on List of Happiest States

Are you happy?

According to a new national poll released by Gallup-Healthways, Ohio was in the bottom 10 when it comes to happiest states in 2013.

The poll involved 178,000 interviews with adults from all states on topics like emotional health, work environment and financial security, according to Gallup.

The happiest state was North Dakota with a 70.4 well-being score. Next was South Dakota with 70 and Nebraska with 69.7.

Ohio, however, was among the bottom 10 happiest states in 2013 with a score of 64.2. Only below Ohio were Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and finally West Virginia, which was at the bottom of the list with a score of 61.4.

A perfect 100 represents the ideal well-being.

For more on this poll, click here. 

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Hard Rock Hideout

Sebastianbach GiveEmHell

Iconic rock vocalist Sebastian Bach‘s forthcoming album GIVE ‘EM HELL has just been confirmed for an April 22nd North American release via label home Frontiers Records.  GIVE ‘EM HELL is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the critically-acclaimed KICKING & SCREAMING.

GIVE ‘EM HELL can be pre-ordered on iTunes here and on Amazon here.  Fans who pre-order from iTunes will be able to get the first taste of new music as the pre-order includes an instant download of the song “Hell Inside My Head”, a classic loud and heavy rocker from Bach.

Of the new album, Sebastian Bach enthused, “I could not be more proud of the new CD, GIVE ‘EM HELL. As a rock music fan myself, I listen to it every single day. As a musician, I honestly feel like I have reached a new level of album recording. As an audiophile, I could not be more…

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Netflix Edition: Celeste & Jesse Forever

See It or Skip It

Director: Lee Toland Krieger

Stars: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, and Elijah Wood

Sentence Summary: A story about how easy it is to take the good stuff in life for granted.


So I love a good romantic movie as much as the next person. They make me feel happy… until I turn off the TV and tune back into reality. Until I tune back into the unflattering light, the dust bunnies in the corner, that stain on my shirt, and every other little thing that reminds me that my life is nothing like a perfect romantic movie. Then I am left feeling crappy and depressed.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is different from most romantic movies. In fact, it’s sort of the opposite. It is a reminder of how we all want that perfect relationship, but none of us are ever gonna get it because nobody is perfect. Humans are naturally…

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