Bio: I have a High School Diploma from Berea High School, Berea Ohio, I have work most of my life except for the last 5 years that have been off and on with different temp jobs. I am not the professional writer, and if you look at my writings I am sure you will find mistakes. But I like to put ideals out there and ask the what if question. I am not a professional anything but that does not mean I don't think. You can sit back and be afraid of mistakes or you can step out and see what happens. I like to write about what I watch on TV and Film with "TV Media Junkie" Blog and write about life's choices on "Determination" My blog should not be viewed as a source for advice but as to read and know you are not alone, I can tell you what I did but that does not mean you should do the same thing, but know if your stuck you need to find a way to do something. Have Determination to seek the answer and get help for your own life.

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