PHILOMENA (2014) movie review

Splatter: on FILM

Catholic guilt … Judi Dench in Philomena. In  Philomena , the character arc is slight and unexpected. The title role, played gently and subtlely by the delightful Judi Dench, went from following blind faith to allowing bits of doubt to formulate questions that would eventually offer escape from her prison of fatalism. Her purposeful belief finally leads her to peace and the unexpected: true forgiveness.

Character arcs. I’ve discussed the pivotal nature  of arc in story before. Think of a static character in terms his or her immutability or immunity to change. Static is the Matrix pre- red pill. I have learned that in order for a character to remain static they must never face conflict or at least refuse to learn from pain. The static character is either boring or external to the movement of the story.

When characters choose the change, they move from static to dynamic. They often get new names and see the…

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