Winter’s Tale


Certainly the most bizarre of this year’s Valentine’s Day openings, Winter’s Tale doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. At turns an incredibly sappy love fable and an incredibly vicious supernatural thriller, it never settles on either. I’m convinced that there’s some kind of idiosyncratic style to it that must have worked better on the page, but Akiva Goldsman is evidently not the writer or director to translate it to the screen.

To even begin to summarize the plot, I have to lay out some of the film’s metaphysics, which is confusing and sappy enough already. Evidently, every human soul has a miracle to accomplish, though it may take several lifetimes. After working their particular miracle, each travels up into the sky to become a star. Or an angel. Or the star is the light when a human becomes an angel. Yeah.

Anyway, the running count of humans…

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