Endless Love


When Franco Zeffirelli released his 1981 adaptation of Endless Love, Leonard Maltin said it was “a textbook example of how to do everything wrong in a literary adaptation”. Somehow, Shana Feste’s 2014 version manages to show him up. As bad as the original was — and oh, boy it was bad — it managed to get some things right, giving the remake room to get even worse.

There are a few points in common. There is a party, and there’s a fire, and there are unsent letters, none of which happen in the same context as before. And of course there are two teenagers bleating about how in love they are. Beyond that, the story we get is barely recognizable as even related to Scott Spencer’s novel. Every bit of texture or thought that survived into the 1981 script has been thoroughly erased, leaving a bland pile of glurge…

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