Yes, The Scrubs Broadway Musical Is Happening

Jon Negroni

In 2012, Bill Lawrence had a tough choice to make. Scrubs had run its course on NBC, only to get picked up and slashed again by ABC after 9 great (for the most part) seasons.

So, Bill decided to just turn the concept into a Broadway musical. And everyone rejoiced!

Actually, many of us were skeptical whether or not this thing would actually get made, but a recent interview with Lawrence as revealed honest-to-goodness details surrounding the upcoming project.

Personally,  I am only moderately excited about this (if I even get a chance to see this). As much as I loved the musical episode in Season 6, I’m not quite as sure how well the show will translate fully.

But if any medium can handle the zany, heart-warming antics of the Sacred Heart gang, it’s the Broadway stage. Handling the hectic, diverse sets that are based on a show where half…

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