Top 10 Non-Human Couples

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It’s Valentine’s Day again! In the past we’ve looked at the best geek couples and romantic comedies (written by someone who hates romcoms). In a desperate move to take a new angle we’ve chosen to go with non-human couples. No humans allowed. No Beauty and the Beast, no The Little Mermaid. These are the animals, monsters and…things…that tug our heartstrings even though they don’t all have hearts.

 #10 – Spike and Drusilla


Spike and Drusilla

So they’re at the bottom of the list. Don’t freak out on me. They lost points for being much more humanoid than other entries and…well…they’re not a good couple. They’re violent, manipulative and soulless, but they do love each other. Spike will remain entirely devoted to Drusilla, and she is the only person able to temper him. Drusilla eventually dismisses Spike, and he tries to better himself, but she only needs to crook a finger…

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