Rooster Recap: Justified 5.6 “Kill the Messenger”

Rooster Illusion

Rooster Recap

This week’s episode of Justified began on a positive note: with Raylan ruining the best day of Art’s career by revealing his potential involvement in the murder of Nicky Augustine, and Art punching Raylan in the face. Classic.

But this show is all about things not going well for people. It’s always been about that. Time was the bad things happening were much more concentrated and focused. Bad things would happen to Raylan, and bad things would happen to Boyd, and they would each do bad things to other people, but now things have gotten so complicated. We’ve got the Crowes, who are consistently bad news. There’s Danny Crowe, who just recently murdered Jean-Baptiste, Daryl Crowe’s Haitian advisor, and is trying to cover that up, whilst keeping his younger brother Kendal from snitching. Everything’s more complicated with Alison, Kendal’s social worker, thrown in the mix, and Wendy Crowe making a…

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