Radio XXXI, side B, track 3: “Radio Romance” by Tiffany

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Tiffany - Radio Romance Oh, Tiffany , had I been a little bit more forward-thinking when I first started this blog, had I remembered this particular song before I started transferring my tapes to mp3s, basically if I wasn’t such a thick-skulled doofus, this blog would not be called “Mixed Tape Masterpiece”.  It would be called “Radio Romance”.  I mean, duh, right?  I mean, this isn’t really about the art of putting a mixed tape together or anything.  I didn’t carefully plan which songs were going to go on which tape.  No, Tiffany, I just loved listening to the music off the radio, and I taped every song that I heard.  Including this one.  So while it’s too late to do name changes at this point, I hereby decree that this particular song is now the official theme song for Mixed Tape Masterpiece.  I’ll get it notarized later, Tiffany.

Now that we’ve taken care…

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