Her (2013)

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Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 17.46.46The primary aspect that attracted me to Her was my own rather time consuming addiction and dedication to technology. I have to admit that I am a slave to a certain fruit named corporation, owning a MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iPhone 5s combined with numerous other electrical devices that satisfy my need for technological efficiency and innovation. There was something undoubtedly unsettling for me about the film’s trailer, a mixture of interest and admiration for the type of futuristic machinery on display, combined with an eery caution at the way in which writer and director Spike Jonze has envisioned the future relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as protagonist Theodore Twombly, a professional letter writer whom we learn is in the midst of a divorce settlement and very, very alone. The film appears to be set in the near distant future in a society…

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