American Idol Recap: The Cutting Crew


american-idol-season-13-top-30-sam-woolf- Like a bowl of wasabi mac & cheese, Part 1 of American Idol ‘s “Season 13 Top 30 Announcement Episode” was a mix of familiar comforts and spicy new twists. (Urgh, sorry, now all I want to do is Google Image Search wasabi mac & cheese .)

Predictably yet sorta comfortingly, we had The Elevator of Doom ©, The Misty Eye of J.Lo (™), The Keith Urban Sing-Along Hour, A Brutal Last-Minute A Cappella-Off (With Bonus “Mean Girl” Edit)! And there was even The Barnacle They Finally Detached From the Judges’ Table ripping through our bathroom doors with an axe, and cackling, “Heeeeeeere’s Randy!”

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And yet at the same time, newbie producer Per Blankens threw us a few curves: The first contestant ever to make it through to the voting rounds and be…

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