Why 3D Movies Are Dying A Pretty Fast Death

Jon Negroni

In 2012, 41 movies had 3D attached to them.

In 2013, that number went down to 35.

In 2014? We’re getting just 28 movies accessible with 3D glasses.

We can expect this trend to continue as movie studios are beginning to learn the sad truth that people are quickly losing interest in paying more money for blurrier movie-watching (and instant headaches).

Granted, for every Gravity and Avatar that comes out, we also get something like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, an obvious example of a bad movie trying to gouge more money from a waning audience.

The brutal truth is that most movies just don’t benefit from the 3D experience unless they’re either animated or built for 3D. In most cases, they’re converted into 3D after shooting, thus lowering the quality.

So it hasn’t taken long for consumers to catch on.

In 2009, studios could easily get away with charging extra…

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