Reality Check: Are Idol‘s Guitars Unfair? Plus: Cruelty Bus; Spencer, Jessica & Keith Imbroglios!


American Idol ‘s Hollywood Week is known for psychological torture, emotional devastation and vocal collapse of its various contestants. But it’s also a place where unlikely stars are born.

In this week’s installment of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I talk about incoming producer Per Blankens’ new “Cruelty Bus” twist, plus the contestants who stood out — good and bad — in the early stages of Season 13 Hollywood Week.

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Spencer Lloyd’s “Lyricgate.” Jessica Meuse’s “Stagemom-gate.” Keith London’s “Pronoungate.” We discuss ’em all — plus the general awesomeness of Majesty Rose, Jena Asciutto, Kenzie Hall and more.

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Press play below for the whole enchilada, plus producer Jason Averett’s addictive…

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