The Walking Dead Recap: Growing Pains


The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9Although the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead divides its time between Rick and Carl’s increasingly contentious relationship and Michonne’s crisis of faith, its conclusion leaves you with a sense that you could almost put “Happily Ever” in front of the episode’s title, “After.” Read on, and I’ll explain why.

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NOTHING BUT RUBBLE | The hour opens with Michonne watching walkers amble toward the smoking prison as if they own the place — an especially sad tableau, considering that, just before the Governor’s assault, she’d decided to stick around. Yet even that sight pales in comparison to what she sees next: After (literally) disarming two walkers for camouflage, she happens upon Hershel’s zombified head and has to put her katana sword through her friend’s skull. If that doesn’t bum you out, wait…


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