Parenthood Webisodes to Host First Actual Friday Night Lights Character Crossover


Parenthood Friday Night Lights Crossover Parenthood  over the years has welcomed many a visit from Friday Night Lights alumni — but now for the first time some of Coach Taylor’s old charges will actually be crossing over to Jason Katims’ NBC drama. 

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NBC announced on Monday that Parenthood’s four-part digital companion series, “Friday Night at the Luncheonette,” will follow Amber (Mae Whitman) as she keeps an eye on her cousin Max (Max Burkholder) while working after hours at the recording studio. During Amber’s odyssey, Jesse Plemons and Derek Phillips will reprise their FNL roles of Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins, respectively, when the band Crucifictorious shows up to jam.

Just wait till they hear about her heated romance with Luke!

“Friday Night at the Luncheonette” debuts Thursday, Feb. 13. (Oh wait, now I get it — Friday Night. Ha.)

Earlier this winter, Katims crossed over David…

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