WATCH: Jimmy Fallon says goodbye to ‘Late Night’

Global News

ABOVE: Watch Jimmy Fallon’s final Late Night monologue.

TORONTO — Jimmy Fallon ended his run as host of Late Night on Friday with a monologue that mentioned two troubled Canadians and a performance of a Canadian song.

Fallon said over the course of 969 shows he told more than 10,000 jokes.

“The best way I could summarize those jokes is that Joe Biden needed Obamacare after Anthony Weiner texted Justin Bieber a picture of Chris Christie dating a Kardashian on the Jersey Shore,” he said. “With Rob Ford.”

The show ended with Fallon and The Muppets performing “The Weight” — a song by The Band written by Toronto-born Robbie Robertson.

BELOW: Watch Jimmy Fallon perform “The Weight” with The Muppets on Late Night.

Fallon, who has hosted Late Night since 2009, will take over as host of The Tonight Show on Feb. 17. Tonight’s Jay Leno said goodbye…

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