To ReBlog or not to ReBlog…..You Tell Me

The Television Media Junkie.

This past week I started a new Blog project Called The TV Media Junkie ReBlog Blog, and it looks like it is a success or is it? There has been mixed reaction ReBloging so many post that goes direct to my Twitter feed. No one has complained and a author thanked me for ReBloging his post. However there has been a few negative comments that I blocked that did not like my ideal of Just ReBloging so may items. Yes I did block them but I also considered their opinion, because I am not sure what this means to some bloggers. I am in the dark about their thoughts.

To me it makes it easier to be part of the conversation. Sometimes if I read a real good blog post I will write a sidenote. Maybe I should go to that blog and make the comment. I am not…

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