Jay Leno’s Final Tonight Show Episode: 5 Most Memorable Moments


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 22After 22 years, Jay Leno bid a nostalgia-filled adieu to The Tonight Show, celebrating a late-night TV legacy that — setting aside his infamous temporary replacement by Conan O’Brien in 2009-’10 — arguably rivals all except predecessor Johnny Carson’s legendary 30-year reign over the NBC juggernaut.

But did Leno’s farewell — which netted the show’s highest overnight rating since March 2009 — contain anything as moving as Bette Midler’s now iconic “One For My Baby” sendoff of Carson, which moved most of America (and Johnny himself) to tears back in 1992?

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Despite the presence of special guests Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks, the 63-year-old Leno’s finale was an oddly un-emotional affair, at least until the last few minutes. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t noteworthy components. In fact, you’ll find our picks for Top 5 Memorable Moments below:

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