Nashville Recap: Who’s Your Daddy (Gonna Kill Next)?


Nashville Season 2 RecapAvery is the charming leading man? Deacon is a total jerk? Zoey straightens her curls? Lamar (maybe) gets what’s coming to him? Gunnar – Gunnar?! – is the voice of reason?

Welcome to this week’s Nashville, where everything is so upside-down bananapants, even Rayna has a semi-bad hair day. That said, the episode was a very strong lead-in to the show’s upcoming break. So let’s review the major developments of “Too Far Gone.”

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HIDE AND BLEAK| A buzzing iPhone opens the episode, which finds Juliette and Avery in bed at his place. Ju’s got tons of missed calls and texts, but she doesn’t care: Overnight, she seems to have resigned herself to being Avery’s live-in lover/interior decorator for the rest of her life. Sounding a bell…

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