An Open Letter to The Walking Dead: Choose Life

I Disagree, I think that is what makes the series works so well, no one is safe and you never know what will happen. I think this makes it’s more realistic even though the grass is always cut, WHO CUTS THE GRASS? that is what drives me nuts.


The Walking Dead Season 5As Sunday’s return of The Walking Dead approaches, we’d like to make a request of the powers that be: Stop killing off your original characters.

VIDEO | The Walking Dead Midseason Trailer — Watch It!

It’s already too late to save any other casualties of this season — the last eight episodes are in the can. But thinking ahead to Season 5 and beyond, could you maybe reevaluate the investment that viewers have in the originals? It shouldn’t take long — there are only five left: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Daryl and Carol.

We ask this not because we don’t like the newer characters — we like some (Tyreese and Sasha) and actually love others (Maggie and Michonne). But, because we survived the birth of the zombie nation with the originals, we feel like we’ve walked a long road with them, fought with them, struggled with them, wept with them…


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