The Ladies of Bond, James Bond

Mass Communication Theory

By David L. Morris II

The article Shaken and Stirred: A content analysis of women’s portrayals in James Bond films by Neuendorf, K. A., Gore, T. D., Dalessandro, A., Janstova, P.,  and  Snyder-Suhy, S. explores how the depiction of women has changed over time in a series of male-dominated action films. Specifically, it looks at 195 female characters in 20 James Bond films. Because women in films are typically portrayed in negative, stereotypical ways, there is concern that this repeated imagery is likely to have an impact on the viewers.

The first three research questions proposed by the authors dealt with the timeline of Bond films. They were curious if the physical characteristics, sexual activity, and the amount and level of violence against female characters had changed over time. The final research question had three separate subsections: an examination of whether there is a tie between the roles women…

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