Gaming Organization

My Two Cents

In my short time really getting into board and card games, I have learned a lot of things.  First, a lot of these games have a lot of little pieces.  And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!  Just tossing everything into the box they came in would just lead to massive chaos and lost pieces.  Even being careful with my games, I almost lost a doom counter from Elder Sign (luckily, I found it).

So, what do you do to organize everything you have?  There are a lot of ways.  Some of them are pretty inexpensive, too.

The most obvious thing to do is buy zip lock bags,  Since they make them in all sorts of sizes, you can pick up the size that works best for you, be they smaller snack bags, or larger sandwich bags.  The bag will keep the pieces together and accessible, and…

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