Call for Action: Bulletproofing Your Identity

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Valerie Scafaria is the creative force behind “Keepsake Garters,” a small business that began as a hobby, when her daughter and her daughter’s friends couldn’t find garters to match their prom dresses.

“I did some for some relatives and some friends for their weddings, and that’s how it started,” said Scafaria.

For now, the business is small enough that the mother of two pays cash for supplies; she hasn’t ruled out the idea of a company checking account, although she does worry about identity theft.

“Every time I am writing out those checks and you go to sign your name at the bottom, and right to the left of that are all those numbers that anybody can take and use them,” said Scafaria.

According to Dr. Bill Mahnic, professor of banking and finance at Case Western Reserve University, that information Scafaria worries about making public is all…

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