Bishop Officially Joins NCIS Team: Yea or Nay?


NCIS Bishop Keep or CutThree months after NCIS newcomer Emily Wickersham was herself promoted to series regular, Ellie Bishop was officially invited to join Gibbs’ team. Did Boss make the right call?

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“Welcome aboard, probie,” Gibbs said at the close of this Tuesday’s episode — a significant gesture, seeing as he and the consulting NSA analyst had repeatedly butted heads as the NCIS team sought to put down terrorist Benham Parsa once and for all.

But have viewers embraced Bishop the same way that Gibbs & Co. have? Are her quirks (the sitting habits, the food obsession) endearing or irksome? Is her confidence affirming or irritable — and perhaps even disrespectful when she lacks the tact to deftly correct others?

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You’ve now had six episodes to get to know Ellie…

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