Call For Action: Are Your Passwords Secure Enough?

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Do your online passwords set you up for identity theft? Don’t say no until you hear what one internet security expert had to say.

If you’re like most people, you have social media accounts and you probably share, what seems like, harmless information.

Topping the list of commonly-shared personal facts is the name of a loved one, and that includes the family dog.

“I try to think of something fairly simplistic,” said Brecksville artist and medical illustrator, Kelli Payto, confirming what research has indicated.

Payto also acknowledged using the same password on multiple accounts, which is something else she has in common with the rest of the online world.

“It’s used for a few different accounts, just for ease…”

According to Jake Garlie, from SecureState in Bedford, keeping it simple is what puts the public at risk for identity theft.

One of Garlie’s specialties is uncovering vulnerabilities…

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